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Dogs are man’s best friend. We pamper them, feed them, run with them and bathe them. In return, they comfort us, watch over us, slobber on us and fetch for us. It’s usually a pretty equally giving relationship once they are house broken. Now that it is summer, D’Arcy Buick GMC would like to present a few pet care reminders if you plan to take your pet on a road trip.

#1 Consider Investing in a dog safety belt harness.

That’s right, if you own a dog, you can help the little guy or girl from flying all over the place when you have to stop suddenly in traffic. The harness allows the dog to comfortably sit, stand and lie down while being protected with a safety belt.

#2 Let the dog stretch his legs at rest stops.

It depends on the dog, but most will get pent up in a car for long periods of time. They need to get out and stretch their legs, as well as check out their new surroundings with their noses. It’s good to let your dog get a break too.

#3 Don’t leave you dog in the car.

It’s easy for us to get heat stroke in a car sitting in the sun; it’s even easier for a furry animal to get heat stroke. Leaving your dog in the car, even with a bowl of water, could be a dangerous situation during hot summer days. If you’re going somewhere that doesn’t allow dogs, please leave him or her home in a temperature controlled environment.

#4 Tag them.

This one is more of a precaution as we all know dogs like to explore. Consider making an address tag for your dog in case they ever get lost. You can even do one better and get the dog microchipped.

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